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Kevin Ogar: OC Throwdown Injury (Updates, Fundraisers)


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If you are a CrossFit fan then you will know that the OC Throwdown took place a few weekends ago. Unfortunately, on the final day of competition Kevin Ogar was involved in a “Freak Accident” during a 3RM touch and go snatch event. This has left Kevin with a very serious T11/T12 injury that has caused damage to his spinal cord, leaving him with no voluntary movement below his waist. The CrossFit community has an amazing support structure within its athletes and affiliates so expect quite a bit of response to this tragic event. There is currently one fundraising page dedicated to Kevin with more on the horizon, specifically from Barbells For Boobs. Donate if you can and what you can to Kevin as he is uninsured and this will be a very expensive recovery. We will continue to update this page with any new “official” news we get regarding Kevin’s condition.

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Below you will find some information regarding the event and how Kevin is doing so far. Updates are listed newest to oldest as you scroll.


UPDATE Posted 1/19/14 by OGAR STRONG:  From the man himself, Kevin Ogar:
“I know I have practically been on radio silence since my accident, and there are a few reasons:
It’s hard to work an iPad or iPhone on pain killers 2. I have been racking my brain, writing, erasing, and re-writing a way to truly express my thankfulness and gratitude for everything that everyone has done for my family and I.
For the last 7 or 8 years I have… been blessed to make a living training myself and coaching others, so I am not the very best with the whole putting words into sentences thing. But I wanted to find a way to say thank you to everyone for all of the love and support that would show what the endless prayers, events, selfless acts, stories, donations, kind words, and messages truly meant not only to me but also to my family and those who are closest to me.
After almost a week of trying to find the words and sentiment, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are no words strong enough to express that level of gratitude. I am truly humbled and inspired by everything that you guys have done for me. All the love has brought my family and I so much happiness and hope. At a time where those emotions are hard to come by, you all have made it easier for me to stay positive, cheerful, and strong. I can only hope that the hard work I plan on putting in during rehab is enough to show you guys how much everything means to me. There is only room to go up from here, things may get tough, I may get stuck or frustrated that I’m not progressing as fast as I want, but that’s ok. That’s called life, that’s called training, and trust me after years of CrossFitting I’m used to always looking for the next challenge, the next goal, and charging head first into taking on what comes my way. With all of my friends, family, my gym, the CrossFit community, and supporters behind me I will get through this. God has a plan and I feel like he wants me to turn this into something positive. I’m going to do my best to do so.
Thank you all for all the love and support; it truly means more than to me than I could ever express.”

UPDATE Posted 1/19/14 by OGAR STRONG: If you’re interested in hosting an event to benefit Kevin Ogar we’ve published some guidelines and best practices to get the most out of your efforts. Front Range CrossFit assembled their community today and helped take the fundraising effort past the $250,000 mark.

Guidelines for fundraising can be found on Kevin’s website towards the bottom of the page:

UPDATE Posted 1/17/14 by OGAR STRONG: Five days in and Kevin is making progress. He hit his PT full steam this morning and moved into a new room, but still having trouble sitting up. He is getting closer to moving home to Craig hospital in Denver. Thanks all for the love and support. Keep those fundraising efforts up, Kevin needs all the support he can get!

UPDATE Posted 1/16/14 by OGAR STRONG: Another good day for Kevin: brushed his own teeth and beard and even slept for 5 hours! Kevin will spend a few more days in Orange County before being transported back to Denver for a stay at the world-class Craig Hospital. #ogarstrong


UPDATE Posted 1/15/14 (Late) by OGAR STRONG: CrossFit HQ steps up to support Kevin. #grateful #ogarstrong.

UPDATE Posted 1/15/14 (Late) by OGAR STRONG: Kevin has been approved for Medicaid and transportation home has been secured!

UPDATE Posted 1/14/14 (Late) by OGAR STRONG: We thought it would be a good idea to make the first post some good news! First, we’re happy to announce that Fundly has agreed to reduce their percentage of the fundraising from 8% to 3.9%, this means that right now over $5000 has been returned to Kevin’s recovery, this is amazing news. Second, Kevin’s second surgery is complete, it took longer than anticipated but he is now in recovery and may be able to sit up tomorrow! Please do everything you can to spread the word on these two fronts (repost this update!). Thank you for your continued support, more info to come tomorrow! #ogarstrong

UPDATE Posted 1/14/14 by BFB: We will have the website up at 2pm sharp today! We’ve got a shirt and all of the up to date information about Kevin’s situation. In an effort to build a long term foundation for him we ask that anyone currently designing a shirt or planning an event please hold off until you get all of the information from the website this afternoon. More info to come.

UPDATE Posted 1/13/14 (later) by BFB: Kevin’s first surgery is in the books and though it is a step in the right direction he’s got a very long road ahead of him. More surgeries, years of rehabilitation and a life drastically different than the one he knew is in store for this young soul. We’re doing everything in our power to get the right fundraising platform set up for him so that we can get him focused solely on rehabilitation. We’re launching a website at 2pm (PST) tomorrow that should shed a ton of light on how the fundraising process will work from that point on. Thank you for your patience, ensuring that a platform will benefit someone for a lifetime takes a lot of work and we want to get this thing right, so rally your troops and hold the line until we sound the horn. Big things to come. It’s time to get #ogarstrong.

OC Throwdown Update Posted 1/13/14: …As many already know, one of our competitors and friend, Kevin Ogar, suffered a spinal cord injury while attempting an Olympic Lift. This horrific accident has left us devastated for Kevin, his family, friends, loved ones and his gym community. The 2014 OCT’s full focus is on Kevin’s recovery process and how we can help. Unfortunately, Kevin is uninsured and will require significant funds for his medical journey.

We have received word that a fundraising effort is already underway, in which 100% of the donations will go directly to Kevin. This is expected to be available to the public by this evening. As soon as we have the link we will post it here so that anyone who wishes, may donate.

Rally with us around Kevin, as a community, to show him love, unrelenting support and uplift him as much as we can. Kevin, may your faith keep you strong, may our love fill you up and may the hands of medicine serve you well.

With Much Respect, The 2014 OCT

UPDATE Posted 1/13/14 by BFB We’ve heard from so many people across our amazing community in regards to Kevin Ogar and can’t thank you enough for all of the prayers and offerings of support. The need is tremendous and our team is working diligently to build a platform that will provide long term support for Kevin and his medical needs. We expect this site to be launched by this evening, in the meantime, the Fundly link is legitimate and will contribute directly to Kevin. Stay tuned for more and prepare your village to rally in support of this brave young man.

Posted 1/12/14 by BFB: Kevin Ogar has suffered a separated T11/12 and has severed his spinal cord. At this time he has no voluntary movement below his waist. We will have a fundraising page up by end of day tomorrow to help offset his medical bills. Kevin is uninsured and needs our help, friends. Stay tuned and will will provide a link to our fundraising page tomorrow.

Posted 1/12/14 by @jessicamarie979: My heart is breaking for Kevin Ogar who was seriously injured during a snatch today at the oc throwdown. He hurt his back and couldn’t feel the lower half of his body.  The room quieted and when paramedics took him away the roar of the crowd was the loudest it had been all weekend. The next group of athletes took a knee in silence for him before their heat. I’ve never seen such grace an support from a community.  Kevin is a Crossfit coach at Crossfit unbroken in Denver. He is a very sweet, very caring positive and fun person. Please join me in praying for a miracle.  #oct #crossfit #barbellsforboobs #unbroken #faith #wod

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