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Homemade Atlas Stone

Atlas stones are big heavy cement balls that can be of varying weights. There are a lot of stone molds you can buy out there on the internet consisting of different sizes, prices, etc. But we are budget conscious folks right, and what if we want a cheaper option?!? That is why we have the homemade atlas stone which only requires a big ball, plaster of paris, and cement. Go make one, or two or five. Enjoy.


Gym Pet Peeves – Cleanliness

“First rule of Fit-Club, Return all weights to racks after use

I really don’t expect much out of people nowadays, as sad as that sounds. We all seem to be so consumed with our own lives that we forget that we live on a planet with 7 billion other people. Selfishness is running ramped and selflessness is becoming hard to find. One small, very minor example of this is gym etiquette, primarily cleaning up after yourself. At this point we all know that signs posted basically mean nothing to most people as most people do not read them. I have worked in enough gyms to know that either they don’t read them, or they read them and don’t care to follow what they say; either way, gym etiquette has reached an all time low. No one seems to want to put away their own weights, they see other people leave crap out and copy their same behavior (stupid is as stupid does).  Many don’t wipe down their equipment after use and leave their sweat and greasy head sweat all over the benches. The gym I currently go to is a 24 hour fitness, which does have signs posted, which over 50% of the people completely ignore. Tonight I watched one kid go from bench press, to chest press on the hammer strength, to the leg press; he loaded up each machine with weight, did his exercises and then moved on without cleaning up after himself. He is not an anomaly, he is part of a majority. I however am not part of the majority, I clean up, because I have worked in countless gyms cleaning up after others and I know how bad it sucks. Even when I was younger I still cleaned up after myself, because that is what is expected of us, what seems right, what we should all do to show respect to the others around us who should not have to clean up a mess we leave behind. To all those who continue to not clean up after yourselves at the gym, would you please stop being assholes and show some respect to gym staff as well as other gym goers…thanks.

Yours Truly,

P.S: This is Ridiculous

And this is funny:

Strength Disciple Updates!!


Before: ~190lbs (September 2012)

2013-11-14 20.53.59

Current: ~180lbs (November 2013)

Phenom:3 Project was a big hit last time with those who brought the program into their training regimen. As far as updates go, this is a big one because Phenom:3 V2 is currently being produced and is going to be cheaper, and more plug and play for less experienced people. I am going through the program again and making the adjustments as necessary. I took three or so months of with another addition to my family and in the process lost 20lbs or so. I am currently making progress to get back to my ideal weight (~190lbs) and I am doing this via Phenom:3 V2. Check back for more updates as they come.

Check out the Phenom:3 Project Website for more info:


The 10 Best Compound Exercises

We all know compound exercises are great for gaining size and strength in our muscles, as well as boosting testosterone levels and creating a more dynamic and challenging workout. But, which ones are best? Here are my top ten compound exercises, in no particular order. I am not going to explain why they are good just know these exercises are my go-to exercises for the specific muscles/joints they innervate.

1) Deadlift (Traditional, RDL, Sumo, etc)

2) Back Squat

3) Front Squat

4) Clean/Clean and Jerk (And any other variations)

5) Snatch (And any other variations)

6) Bench Press (Normal, Wide, Narrow, Dumbell, Incline, etc.)

7) Standing Press (Plus jerk variations)

8) Pull Ups (Normal, Wide, Neutral, Chins, etc.)

9) Inverted Row (Bent over row, Seated row, T-Bar Row)

10) Push Ups (Dips, Hand Stand Push Ups…I couldn’t just finish with one since they are all great)