Can you have TOO much Caffeine?

Caffeine is #1 with regards to energy and boosting workout potential. With that being said, if you use Caffeine to help you throughout the day, for workouts, and as a social tool can you have TOO much during the day? Technically yes, it could be harmful to your health in VERY large doses.

“It is possible for a person to die from too much caffeine, “but that would mean about 14,000 milligrams, or around 140 8-ounce cups of coffee in one day,”

But let’s be honest here, there isn’t a single one of us drinking 140 8 ounce cups of coffee in one day, that is just unrealistic. However, for some there are still potential side effects to drinking regular coffee:

“Most coffee drinkers are familiar with at least some symptoms of overindulging—nervousness, excitement, insomnia, rambling thoughts… If a patient is depressed and predisposed to panic attacks, for example, caffeine might make the condition worse,”

For most though it seems that there is most likely more positive “side-effects” to caffeine than there is negative. You know your body, so make your decisions based on how it personally makes you feel. Drink up!…or not.


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