One and Done.

So the CrossFit Games Open is in full swing. We are two weeks in, and just about every CrossFitter in the world is getting a taste. The seasoned ones are losing sleep, skin, and their minds over every last rep, while the newbies are walking in to the gym for their normal workout, and getting walloped with workouts and movements they may have never done before. The great thing about this Open is it brings the entire CrossFit community together. Seasoned vets helping newer athletes, newer athletes learning more about the “sport” of Crossfit, and the entire gym coming together as one.

During the Open, athletes have five days to complete a specific workout. Over these five days, athletes can choose to do the workout as many times as they wish, and submit the best score they achieve. This gives the athletes a chance to feel the workout, adapt, and make changes to better their score. This is a huge bonus for those athletes looking to qualify for the CrossFit Games as individual or team athletes, as they can rectify their mistakes and misjudgments. But is this true CrossFit?

In competition, athletes get ONE CHANCE to do the workout. That means each athlete needs to have an uncanny ability to figure out the workout on the fly, and know EXACTLY what they are capable of. Part of that capability is the willingness to take themselves to that dark and scary pain cave that all CrossFitters know and love to hate. If an athlete can approach the workout, finish it with nothing left on the table, and be completely satisfied and confident with their results, THAT is CrossFit. That to me is true fitness. And WOW is that hard to do.

This is why we see such different leaderboards between the Open and Regionals/Games. No name athletes top the leader boards during the Open, and when we get to Regionals, they are no where to be found.

We are in the middle of the Open now, so making any adjustments at this point doesn’t make sense. Maintain your focus and strategy for the next three weeks. But as we finish up and move back to normal training, think about the One and Done mentality. Think about leaving EVERYTHING on the gym floor every workout. Make an effort to understand your capabilities and mental game. Use this knowledge and understanding to help yourself make the on the fly adjustments during a workout to get everything out of it you can. Leave the gym knowing you literally did everything you could do. It will be extremely satisfying and fulfulling, and you’ll be a better CrossFitter than when you walked in.

Here is a really good perspective on this from my old coach Casey Parlet of CrossFit 760 –



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