Is Paleo Right or Accurate?

The No BullShit Male

The Paleo diet is predicated on the assumption that ten thousand years is an insufficient amount of time for the human being to adapt to eating foods like grains, legumes, and dairy. This assumption is based on another assumption; that evolution through mutation is a linear predictable process and that all of us are the same and there is no room for deviation or exception from this blanket categorization of humanity. I think many biologists would disagree. I also think many anthropologists might take issue with this assumption. Homo sapiens are if nothing else a species noted for its ability to adapt and overcome. we are also a species noted for its wondrous variety and depth of characteristics.

Look at the fact, that many of us with Northern European descent can not only tolerate milk into adulthood but thrive on it. Our bodies easily digest lactose and break down casein…

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