Rack Chat: To Spot or Not to Spot…


Spotting, we have all been told it is something that NEEDS to happen anytime we are lifting weights heavier than we are accustomed to. We spot on bench, we spot on squat, and we even spot on things like bicep curls and what not. I think spotting is important, don’t get me wrong. However, I don’t use a spotter, too many variables that could go wrong when asking for a spot (see video below). One recent really epic spotting mishap was when Brandon Lilly went down while squatting in competition. They had two side spotters, and one from behind and no one could have reacted fast enough, or been able to catch as much weight as was on it in time. I understand why the spotters are there, but there are certain circumstances in which spotters can do nothing to prevent major catastrophic fails…and you cant guess when they will happen.

Spotting Positives

  • Safety
  • Potential for gainz
  • Potential for more reps, or heavier weight

Spotting Negatives:

  • False sense of security
  • Spotters who do to much (see video)
  • Potential awkwardness…(see pic above)


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