Rack Chat: Avoiding Elbow Pain from Pull Ups


I can proclaim myself a pull-up-aholic; love them with a passion and could not see myself not having them in my program. However, at one point about a few years ago I was suffering from chronic elbow inflammation. I had this elbow pain for a number of months but had not tapered back or changed anything in my program to eliminate this pain. The pain was noticeable at all times however, it really worsened when I would do sets of pull ups or chin ups. I knew I didn’t want to eliminate the exercise from my routine so for months I suffered through the pain, hoping that it might subside like many of my other minor inflammations I have had over the years. However, after Reading through Jason Ferruggia’s on pull up elbow pain I was a changed man.  The article basically stated that if you have elbow pain from Pull Ups, change to neutral grip.  I changed, the pain went away within a month or so which was amazing. Check out the link below it could save your elbows because it definitely did for mine!!



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