The Anabolic Diet


If you have never heard of the Anabolic “diet” then go check out this interesting article from I did some cliff notes of what the “diet” entails below for those who are not into clicking links. If you are having a hard time making gains while staying lean on your current regimen, maybe you should give this one a go.

Diet Goals:

According to DiPasquale, the Anabolic diet will:

• naturally maximize production and utilization of the “Big Three” growth producers — testosterone, growth hormone, and insulin

• shift the body’s metabolism from that of a sugar-burning, fat-producing machine to that of a fat-burning, muscle-building machine

• decrease catabolic activity in the body

• increase strength and endurance

• help you avoid health problems and stay in shape year round

• increase energy and decrease mood swings

• decrease even “problem area” fat

…and perhaps most importantly:

• scare the living shit out of vegetarians!

How TO:

Monday through Friday

Eat a diet consisting of 60% fat, 35% protein, and only 5% carbs. You’ll get the fat and protein mainly from steak, hamburger, eggs, and fish. Turkey, chicken, and tuna are all okay, but the password here is red meat. You’ll also eat full-fat cheeses, pepperoni, sausage, and certain nuts. The key is to generally avoid carbohydrates, eating only around 30 grams a day.

Saturday and Sunday

Switch gears. On the weekends, eat 30% fat, 10% protein, and a whopping 60% carbs!


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