Brandon Lilly – Broken Knee Cap: LA Fit Expo

Brandon Lilly suffered an injury this weekend at the LA Fit Expo during his final squat attempt @ 744lbs. It has been stated through the grapevine that he has suffered a broken knee cap and some ligament/tendon damage in the same area (knee). I will update this post with any new info I receive on Brandon’s condition. Strength Militia wishes Brandon a speedy recovery!
From Brandon Lilly – 1/27/14
First I want to than Steve Denison for the invitation to compete in such a great event. Second congrats to Daniel Green for yet another World Record.
On my squat as I descended my left knee popped wildly, and gave out,… causing similar strain to the right leg. Thank everyone of the crew onstage, and EMT’s on the scene.
As of right now without surgery I’d never walk again as I sheared my ACL, meniscus, patella, tore both quad tendons, and MCL in both knees and the knee cap in my left knee will be replaced. I go in for surgery in 10-15 minutes, I just wanted to thank every single person for the comments, status updates, texts, and emails. This is just a bump in the road.
I have one of the best knee surgeons in the US. Say a prayer or keep me in your thoughts… I appreciate you all very much, and I’ll see you on the flip side.

— with Brandon Lilly.

Update: 1/27/14: Brandon Lilly was injured in his third squat attempt at the LA Fit Expo on Sunday January 26th. According to Chad Wesley Smith, Brandon has broken his left knee cap in half, and there is likely ligament damage in both knees. Brandon Lilly will undergo surgery this morning to repair meniscus, patella tendon and quad tendon tears in both legs, as well as an ACL tear and totally fractured (like in 2 very distinct pieces) patella in the left leg. We will give you more updates as information becomes available.

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“We are at the hospital and he is back from x-rays and has broken his left knee cap completely in half. Likely ligament damage in both knees.”

The Video:


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  1. Crap! I wish I hadn’t watched that video. Ouch!

    Peace ~ Bear

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