Strength Militia 30 Day Paleo Challenge


I know it is super cliche to start a diet on the first of the year so hear me out. This holiday season was a complete and utter blowout for me. I literally held nothing back and went all in, at every meal. From Thanksgiving to New Years Eve, I had no filter and spared no cookie, brownie, pie or ice creams life in this time period. So, I decided that on the first of the next month (happened to be Jan 1st) I would push the refresh button and get back on track with my nutrition. Here I am almost a week into a full month of Paleo, struggling to avoid carbs like a kid in a candy store (get it, because candy is a carb and kids like candy). I don’t think anyone can really comprehend how much draw carbs have until they almost completely eliminate them from their diet. I really have to double-check myself at every meal, mostly at work but sometimes at home. It is very easy to slip back into eating shitty when in any given day, we are surrounded by food that isn’t good for us. At the end of the day though, I am being a very good eater and have stayed VERY strict with NO cheating and hope to continue this for the next 24 days. This is not my first time doing a session of strict paleo, and no I do not intend on staying strict all the time as I am human, and do live in Southern California (Mexican food is too amazing to avoid). However, most of the year we stay at around 80-85% Paleo, usually getting our cheat meals in on Friday night…YOLO (yep, I went there).

Cliff Notes:

  • I used the holidays as an excuse to binge on my homemade cookies
  • Strict Paleo is tough
  • Carbs are addictive
  • I am being a good boy – NO Cheating
  • I love Mexican food

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