Rack Chat: Widowmaker Squat Sets

Widowmaker Squat sets, may be harmful to your mental health. These are nasty; something you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy (just kidding, you would). These squat sets not only set your legs on fire, they will also test your lung capacity and will be one hell of a check-your-ego at the door type scenario. The next time you want to add a little volume to your squat day, you should probably throw in some widowmaker squats. You will either thank me, or hate me later for these…you may spew your hate below in the comments section.

The How To:

“Widowmaker Squat sets are a set of squats with what is normally a 10RM weight that is extended to 20 reps without removing the bar from the back. The first 10 reps are done normally. Once you get past 10, take a couple of breaths and perform another rep; continue in this fashion, taking additional breaths between reps as you tire until you feel you can’t get another even with taking the breaths.”

Interesting Read from the pioneer of Widowmaker Squat Sets:



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  1. thanks for the mention TSD, appreciate it.
    after reading the Hise articles, I was motivated enough to get my tired butt off the couch and hit my workout in the garage. I was dog tired, but, the late night workout helped me go to sleep with a clear head, and guilt free for putting off another scheduled event.

    • No worries Tim. Yeah, I have been consistent in my workouts, M/W/F, every week for the past three weeks. I am feeling pretty solid, almost back to my “before” numbers. Sometimes that little motivation to get off your ass is all you need…one you start the workout you know why you love doing it so much.

  2. wow, i couldnt do 135 for 20…. actually thats lies. i have done that before, but widowmakers are taxing and more of a mental thing than anything else.

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