Top Ten Compound Exercises to Build Arms like the Gods

It was my birthday, the pic was kind of a joke.

Lets face it, not everyone can be genetically gifted in the arm department. I have been fortunate in that my arms tend to grow bigger, and at a faster rate than all of my other larger muscles; I truly have to thank my grandpa from my mom’s side for my bigger arms, he was a beast.  However, I was a skinny punk at a point in my life and my size gains came from hard work, eating a lot, and a sprinkle of some good genetics. When I first started working out I focused a lot of energy on isolation exercises, with training that was very similar to most bodybuilding routines. It wasnt till about 2006 that I started training with mostly compound exercises with very little, if any, isolation exercises. I continue to train in a very similar manner, focusing very little attention on isolation of muscles. I wanted to list some of the best compound exercises that help to grow your arms bigger, and stronger without the time needed to do isolation.

These are listed in no particular order:

1) Dips/Weighted Dips (5-20 reps)

2) Pull Ups/Chins – Weighted Pull Ups/Weight Chins (1-20 reps)

3) Deadlifts – Great for forearm building (1-5 reps)

4) Push Ups/Weighted Push Ups (8-50 reps)

5) Bench Press/Narrow Bench Press (1-30 reps)

6) Standing Military Press/Handstand Push Ups (1-20 reps)

7) Seated Row/Bent Over Row/Inverted Rows/T-Bar Rows (8-12 reps)

8) Muscle Ups/Weighted Muscle Ups (5-10 reps)

9) Cleans/Clean and Jerks (1-3 reps)

10) Snatches/Hang Snatch (1-3 reps)

As you can tell the rep schemes on these exercises can differ greatly. It really depends on where my cycle is at if I am going to go high rep, vs. low rep. I work in all spectrum’s of the rep matrix for most lifts, with the exception of cleans, snatches, and deads. I will periodically do burn outs with bench press, typically no higher than a 30 rep set. Your body needs different stimulation’s, and I feel these exercises and rep schemes are what will do it. Enjoy.


My Humble Beginnings: Gangsta!





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  1. This is an awesome post. I recently wrote a similar post just the other day. FOLLOWING commencing.

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