The 10 Best Compound Exercises

We all know compound exercises are great for gaining size and strength in our muscles, as well as boosting testosterone levels and creating a more dynamic and challenging workout. But, which ones are best? Here are my top ten compound exercises, in no particular order. I am not going to explain why they are good just know these exercises are my go-to exercises for the specific muscles/joints they innervate.

1) Deadlift (Traditional, RDL, Sumo, etc)

2) Back Squat

3) Front Squat

4) Clean/Clean and Jerk (And any other variations)

5) Snatch (And any other variations)

6) Bench Press (Normal, Wide, Narrow, Dumbell, Incline, etc.)

7) Standing Press (Plus jerk variations)

8) Pull Ups (Normal, Wide, Neutral, Chins, etc.)

9) Inverted Row (Bent over row, Seated row, T-Bar Row)

10) Push Ups (Dips, Hand Stand Push Ups…I couldn’t just finish with one since they are all great)


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  1. I know you didn’t put these in any order, but I have always felt the press was superior to the bench press. If I only had time for 2 barbell exercises it would be the deadlift and the press. Awesome list.

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